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ERGOKAT SML S.A was founded by experienced technical and business staff with the strategic goal of investing in the construction of private works, the development and construction of model residential and retirement village communities, construction for sale and rental of urban houses, execution of specialized public works and participation in joint ventures in the private and public sectors.
The Executive Council of the company is comprised by:
  • Panagiotis Siounas Chief Executive Officer.
  • Nikolaos Tsotsoros President.
  • Vasilios Lioggas Vice-President.
  • Sotirios Panagiotopoulos Member.
  • Anastasios Abrantinis Member

From the very start, ERGOKAT SML S.A. has had the organizational and construction knowledge, based on the abilities of tested staff that has excelled in the past in the area of production and management of large and complex technical works during the lengthy developmental course of ERGOKAT S.A.
Simultaneously, knowledge of the market, and the trust surrounding the company and its employees, guarantees its positive course.

Given that we are undergoing a period of restructuring of the country’s economic and construction environment,ERGOKAT SML S.A. aims to be actively pioneering in the construction sector and other activities directly connected to it.
The basic operating principle is that respective actions are organized aiming to

  • Maintain project specifications
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Produce profit for the company
  • Maintain the company procedures and rules

Having organized a modern project management system and experience, and capable technical staff, ERGOKAT SML S.A maintains a constantly increasing activity guaranteeing economy, quality and timeframe of the constructions.
Having developed modern software, it directly monitors the financial, accounting, cost accounting and development cycle of the projects
The company’s investments under development amount to 24,000,000 euros and they are forecasted to be completed in stages by the end of 2009 at the latest.

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